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An honest to goodness brand

We’ve won over the hearts and taste buds of dairy lovers far and wide, but we’ll never get too big for our welly boots. We’re proud, honest people who look after our cows, with sweet grass and attentive care. It means our girls are happy and our milk is packed with superfood nutrition – the goodness we share with everyone, every day. At the core of our products is our worldclass milk. Why is it worldclass? Well let us tell you.

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Happy cows make better milk

We have smaller herds than most dairy farms. Caring for fewer than 100 cows each, our farmers know the name of every animal and can afford to lavish a higher level of care and attention on every single one.

Goodness boots

Yet another wet summer? Brilliant.

Our local weather also plays a huge role in the happiness of our cows and the quality of the milk they produce. Lush, sweet grass is a product of our wet, mild climate. It creates the sort of grazing pasture cows can’t get enough of.

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Milk is nature’s original superfood, crammed full of the good stuff that helps make us stronger as we grow, play, learn and live. We’re so passionate about milk’s benefits, we’ve even made a film about it. Watch our video below.

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Our girls love the taste of homegrown food

Even in the winter months, when our girls shelter in cosy, spacious barns, the grass they eat has been harvested from the fields that they call home.

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We go the extra mile to deliver your goodness

We’re proud to be part of the UK’s food standards scheme, Red Tractor. It’s an accolade only given to producers and retailers who genuinely care about animal welfare, environmental impact and consumer safety. All of those are the heart of what we do, so the Red Tractor symbol is an endorsement of our consistently high standards from farm to fridge – the goodness we share with everyone each day.

Red tractor

Farm to Fridge

From the way we grow our succulent grass to the packaging we use for our products, everything we do is carefully planned and managed to ensure you get to enjoy only the very best milk and dairy products. We’ve made a little film to show you what happens at every stage of the journey, from farm to fridge.


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