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A story about goodness is a story worth sharing.

Sharing goodness every day

We’re 100% owned by local farmers. They share all the hard work, tirelessly looking after the cows that give us our great tasting milk that goes into the dale farm products you know and love. Whether it’s a splash of milk in an early morning cuppa or an ice-cream treat on the way home from school, the healthy, happy goodness we share with local people, families and communities lets us all get the most out of life every day.

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Sharing goodness for over 50 years. Since 1969

What started as a milk company back in 1969 has grown to become an iconic dairy brand, supplying a wide range of products to 45 countries worldwide. One thing that hasn’t changed is our ability to make people happy - from the simple pleasure of milky tea to the joy and delight of a delicious ice-cream dessert.

The people who milk the cows own the company

Our products taste better because they’re made with simple passion and honest pride. It’s hardly surprising, as we’re a co-operative of 1300 local dairy farmers. Our herds are smaller, so our cows are happier and because we’ve been working together for over 50 years, there’s a greater sense of belonging and an understanding that we are nurturing a future for generations to come.

Meet our dale farmers

We’re welcomed into the lives of thousands of customers each day. It seems only fair that we should invite you into ours.

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Robert McConaghy
Dale Farmer, Ballymoney

I have an absolute passion for working with cows and trying to make them content…there’s nothing better than walking through a field of happy cows.

An honest to goodness brand

We’ve won over the hearts and taste buds of dairy lovers far and wide, but we’ll never get too big for our welly boots. We’re proud, honest people who look after our cows, with sweet grass and attentive care. It means our girls are happy and our milk is packed with superfood nutrition – the goodness we share with everyone, every day.

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Keeping you happy and healthy

Our milk is crammed full of natural, superfood goodness because our cows graze on lush grass, kept sweet and juicy by our famously wet weather. The result is health and happiness that starts with our cows and ends up in the family favourites that fill up fridges across the country and around the world.

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