Dale Farm and Ireland’s busiest four-year-old on a mission to share goodness

3rd March 2021

Earlier this year, Dairy (Ice Cream) brand Dale Farm unveiled a new look, which takes it back to its roots, a farmer owned, local company, founded on goodness.

To celebrate, the company is on a mission to start “a ripple effect of goodness" with a six-week kindness reward campaign. Dale Farm has teamed-up with local Mum Caroline O’Neill, whose son Darragh, age 4, shot to fame last year after a video of his busy farming chat went viral.

Now about to get even busier, Darragh and his family have backed Dale Farm’s campaign to ensure good things happen to good people.

People are encouraged to share stories of generosity and goodness and with over €/£500 worth of prizes to be given away every week, it’s guaranteed to be a good six weeks.

Whether that’s an iPad for a teacher, a new food mixer for a baker with a heart, or a new wardrobe for a nurse who needs a break from scrubs - Dale Farm wants to hear about it!

Launching today, every week for six weeks, Dale Farm and the O’Neill family will select at least one lucky person each week to receive something special to say thank you for being good!

Nominate yourself or someone else and send your acts of kindness stories to sharinggoodness@dalefarm.com.


We know our communities are full of good people, doing good things and as a brand whose mission is to share goodness, we are proud to launch this campaign to recognise them. We can’t wait uncover lots of special stories and moments that remind us of the importance of community and that things will be okay.


Aisling Bremner

Dale Farm

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