Supercow Competition with Streamvale Farm!

6th April 2022

Streamvale Open Farm

Streamvale open farm is a family run farm who have been on this land since 1730 and have looked after all the animals and wildlife in the area for generations! In the early 1900’s, the family used to sell milk from churns, and in the 1980’s they sold their unpasteurised or raw milk in the local shops under the name ‘Morrow’s Milk’, until pasterurisation became compulsory by law.

Since then, Streamvale Farm has been producing top quality milk by keeping their cows outside for as long as possible, letting the calves go straight outdoors to the fields during spring and produce their milk from grass. By relying on solar powered pastures rather than oil powered crops to feed the cows,this farm represents a sustainable, reliable source of food. On average, their cows will be outside on grass for 280 days of the year, meaning they produce the most delicious, nutritious and free range milk.

Now in collaboration with Dale Farm, a brand new milking parlour has been opened at Streamvale Open Farm in Belfast, which is the perfect place to learn all about the goodness in milk and dairy, right from a real life farm setting!

pete snodden and supercow

Visit Buttercup’s Milking Parlour and have a go at milking Buttercup!

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