She’s a true hero with nutritious superpowers,
fuelled by the dairy goodness of delicious
Dale Farm Supermilk!

SuperCow loves to use her superpowers to do good, and we’d love YOU to take her on the ultimate adventure and bring her powers to life!


We’re inviting pupils across Northern Ireland to take our legen-dairy SuperCow on a very ‘dairy’ adventure by creating a unique comic book story that shows her using her superpowers to do good for others.

One lucky school will WIN:
A supersize framed copy of the winning comic strip, presented to the school by SuperCow and the one and only, Pete Snodden from Cool FM! The winner’s class will also have the chance to win a ‘class’ day out at Streamvale Open Farm!

Dale Farm’s all new milking parlour at Streamvale Open Farm in Belfast is the perfect place to learn all about the goodness of milk and dairy… in a real farm setting! The recently unveiled Buttercup’s Milking Parlour is where our winning school will find out about the super powers of milk… and can even have a go at milking Buttercup herself!

Get started!

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Describe SuperCow and the type of character she is e.g. strong, positive, always up for doing good!

Give SuperCow her own superpowers - you can be as creative as you like (fuelled by her special Supermilk of course!). For example, when SuperCow drinks her Dale Farm Supermilk she is able to fly, become invisible, super strong or super-fast!

Create a world for SuperCow to live e.g. on the farm with all of her cow friends.

Consider a challenge SuperCow may face e.g., SuperCow needs to create a super world of goodness by sharing her special Supermilk that only she has, with all of the other cows.

Show how SuperCow overcomes the challenge e.g. she uses her Superpowers to fly across NI to deliver her Supermilk to all of the cows so they can become SuperCows too!

Top tips!

We’re all about Sharing Goodness here at Dale Farm, so we’d love if your SuperCow could do something good for others using the power of Supermilk!

The adventure can be as fun and exciting as you like so use your imagination!

Try to think about how SuperCow could be a hero in your local area?

To be included in the competition, upload your class stories using the form below by

Friday 8th April at 5pm

enter our competition


It’s filled with lots of goodness, including:

Essential nutrients like Vitamin D, B2, B12, protein, Iodine & calcium

Improved health & Well-being

EHealthy bones and teeth

Maintained muscle mass

To find out more about the goodness in milk, head over to our teachers resources area:


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